Horses have been synonymous with Mount Juliet Estate for over 400 years

 A stewardship we are honored to continue to the present day with our state of the art equestrian centre.

From the outset with the Earl of Carrick and his life’s partner, Lady Juliet Butler.

To the following 150 years bearing witness to the varied fortunes of their heirs, seven Earls in total.

Through the turbulence of certain moments in Irish history informing a real and passionate tapestry. 

To the flourishes and struggles that each season brought to the serene Irish landscape of Mount Juliet’s forests and her river trails. 

Finding the restorative passions of Sir Dermot McCalmont, founder of what we know today as The Kilkenny Hunt, our neighbor just next door and seasonal partner in Hunt adventures, and the Ballylinch Stud, just across the River Nore, who we are honored to offer private, exclusive tours of based on donation. 

Sir McCalmont’s impact was felt well beyond the once then 4,500 acres of Mount Juliet, extending to Thomastown and to Kilkenny, and to the political and cultural history of the entire country of Ireland.

Dr. Tim Mahoney was fortunate to take the McCalmont legacy to its next chapters.

Elevating Mount Juliet to one of Europe’s most desired destinations.

To our current Estate stewards, the empassioned leaders of Tetrarch, together with Marriot Bonvoy.

Finally, we would not be where we are as an equestrian community without the vision and dedication of the O’Hara Family. 

Manny, Cathy and their sons had a vision for a greater future for Mount Juliet Equestrian. 

One commensurate to the history and grandeur of Mount Juliet Estate. 

What we share with our guests, visitors and livery community today is entirely a result of their investment and commitment to the equestrian world. 

We are honored to shepherd their vision to an ever greater path forward. Together.

Join us. 

Write your page in the history of Mount Juliet Equestrian. 

For over 400 years… its a mighty story., 



The equestrian centre provides a wide range of private and group training to both children and adults throughout the week. 

All year long. 

Members of Mount Juliet Equestrian Riding Academy can avail of everything our facilities have to offer.

At  Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate LTD we are passionate about the Irish horse. 

We carefully select and produce quality horses to the Eventing and Showjumping disciplines. 

We are in an advantageous position to develop world class horses in a top facility as we prepare each soul to finds its forever partner in mount. A qualified human who, together, will seek and accomplish great things.

Being close to Europe and America’s biggest horse show grounds, allows for horses to be showcased at both local and international events and our Elite Trainers are often on the road with our horses in production and ready to join you, with your interests confirmed, wherever the trail ahead might find us joining up.



 Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate LTD centre provides a 5 Star livery service. 

Big stables with pine shavings, mineral lick, hay bar and automatic drinkers. 

CCTV cameras are fitted in each stable giving the owner peace of mind and access to the horses.  

Our dedicated and qualified team will look after your horse. 


Talk to us about any special requests you may have. 

We cater to customer requests on all service levels and we are excited to hear the challenge you’d like us to join you on to fulfillment!